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Early childhood education is a rapidly growing field. Increasing public awareness of the importance of quality early childhood education, research on the importance of early brain development, and changes in family structure and employment patterns have all increased the demand for child development services. Professionally educated teachers, teachers' aides, caregivers, administrators and related staff are in demand. Career choices include working directly with children in infant and toddler programs, preschools, or school-age, before and after-school programs, or working indirectly on behalf of children in administrative positions. Students may also transfer to a four-year college to obtain a B.A. and teaching credentials or pursue a career in a related field.

To find out more about career opportunities contact:
Professional Development Project (ECE Careers) - (415) 452-5605 or Teacher Prep Center (K-14 Careers) - (415) 239-3890

For a fact sheet of common questions & answers on working with children see FAQs.

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San Francisco Early Childhood Professional Development Project
Career support, advising, child development permit assistance, counseling, job information and professional development opportunities for individuals interested in developing and maintaining a career in early childhood education.
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Phone Number: (415) 452-5606
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City College of San Francisco Career Development & Placement Center
Phone Number: (415) 239-3117
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Jump Start AmeriCorps
A service-learning project offered in partnership with San Francisco State University. Students receive stipends, experience and credit for working in SF preschools. For more information, contact:
For enrollment information, see:
Phone Number: (415) 452-7000