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Enrollment is open to all students interested in working with children in early childhood and school-age programs. Admissions information to the college can be obtained by calling the office of Admissions and Records at (415) 239-3285 or referring to

Transferring to a Four Year College
The AS Degree with a Major in Child Developmentallows students to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue further career goals. Students may continue coursework in child development, education, and related fields such as social work or counseling. Students may also continue to pursue an elementary, secondary or CTE teaching credential (required to teach in public K through 12 schools in California) or receive a BA or BS degree in a related field. Additional courses may be needed for future K-12 teachers.

  • Youth Worker Certificate - 24 units
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Child Development Department Certificates
Child Development Department Certificates are available to students in a variety of topics including:
  • General Certificate - 18 units
  • Infant Toddler Certificate - 18 units
  • School-Age Certificate - 18 units
  • Administration Certificate - 18 units
  • Professional Development & Advocacy Certificate - 18 units
  • Violence Intervention Certificate - 18 units
  • Family Childcare Certificate - 6 units
  • Pre Teacher Certificate - 12 units
  • Appreciating Diversity Certificate - 6 units
  • Youth Worker Certificate - 24 units
For more information, see CCSF Admissions and Registration Department.