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Success is a Journey, Not a Destination.

Office: Science 251

Campus: PHELAN

Phone: (415) 452-5647

e-Mail: tmsu@ccsf.edu Mailbox: S-110

Office Hours Spring 2013: Wed at 3:00 PM or by appt.

Fax: (415) 239 3228


Chemistry 32 Lab

Chemistry 40 Hybrid

Chemistry 40 (evening; Fall 2004)

Chemistry 101A Lab

Chemistry 101A Lecture

Chemistry 101B


Computer-assisted and Activity-based Instruction for Chemistry
(Instructors will want to LOOK here)



Some Interesting or Helpful Chemistry Links

10 ways to pass a chemistry EXAM

Mastering Chemistry at CSUF

Science is Fun! If you enjoy the demos I show in class...

Curiosities relating to Chemistry Page (Some of these are fun, see the BBQ !)

Periodic Table - WebElements

ChemTeam (Tutorials - H.S.)

Chemistry at UCLA


Modular Chemistry Consortium (UCB, a few helpful Java applets)

Chemistry Visualized at UCSD

Physics 2000 (The Interactive Quantum Zone is relevant to Gen. Chem!)

While at UCLA I was involved with the

UCLA Science Challenge and Physical Science Learning Center

and I continue to be involved with

The Molecular Science Project

The place where I first learned how to do all this cool web stuff!

The Center for the Enhancement of Teaching at San Francisco State University

Other Links

INFO-MAC archive at MIT (searchable shareware archive)

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