General Chemistry Graphing Activity!

The GraphLab software was developed at UCLA as part of the UCLA Science Challenge and the Molecular Science Project.

August 20, 1997

  During the lab session, the students worked in groups of 3 plotting graphs from examples of scientific data. Each student plotted a graph and commented on the difficulties that he/she encountered while working on it. Then, the students exchanged graphs and critiqued each other's work.

After a class discussion about the common difficulties (i.e. scaling the x or y axis) that were encountered during the exercise, the students worked individually (or pairs) with GRAPHLAB on the computers. GRAPHLAB is an interactive windows program that has lessons for scaling and drawing a best fit line.

Yes, we only had "rebuilt" 486 PCs running Windows 3.1 and 95. There were only 6 on carts for all the lab sections.