Bringing Systemic Change to Community College Chemistry

NSF DUE-99-50320

CCLI - Adapt and Adopt

This project will transfer the reforms in undergraduate chemistry education to the community college. Six community colleges Fullerton College in California, Community College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada, Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute in New Mexico, City College of San Francisco in California, Montgomery College in Houston, Texas and Bellevue College in Washington have formed the FLASH consortium. With a combined enrollment of over 131,000, FLASH impacts almost 5000 first-year chemistry students per year. Because community colleges do not deny access to any student, many are under-prepared, lacking even basic skills in math and writing, and they often cannot succeed in chemistry courses. These students are clearly "at risk," and steps must be taken to help them. This project will adopt and adapt the methodology of the Molecular Science Curriculum Project (MolSci) along with relevant materials from this and other projects of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Systemic Chemistry Initiative. FLASH believes students will learn better in a technology-mediated, student-centered learning environment in which students are active learners and cooperative learning is supported. We will set up Chemistry Learning And Support Studio (CLASS) rooms at our respective colleges to make the actual process of studying chemistry more engaging and interesting. The Web-deliverable nature of many of the materials will allow use not only in the on-campus facilities but anywhere students have access to the Internet. We will assist even the most under-prepared students become more competitive as undergraduates and ultimately, in their careers. This project will help not only our students; it has the potential to impact every community college chemistry student.

Resources will become available at our website.

Calibrated Peer Review Assignments for the Laboratory

(Part of the Molecular Science CPR Library)

U-tube Demonstration. for "What's going on in that U-tube?"

Carbon Dioxide/Carbonate Buffer Experiment

Identifying Unknowns (using simulations)

Calibrated Peer Review Student Help page

Calibrated Peer Review Instructor Help page

Enhancement of the Community College Chemistry Curricula Using Networked Computers

(1998 NSF ILI funded project - DUE-98-51317 )

CLASS Pictures at CCSF.

How we used to implement the GraphLab computer tutorial prior to these studios.