Enhancement of the Community College Chemistry Curricula

Using Networked Computers

The goal of this project is to enhance the chemistry curricula through the use of interactive exercises on the World Wide Web. There are, at present, only 38 networked computers available to the 24,000 students located at our campus. Instructors are hesitant to give assignments which require the use of the Internet at the present time because of the extreme shortage of networked computers on campus. Students are restricted to using these computers for an hour at a time and report routinely waiting for 30 minutes to use these computers. The vast majority of our students do not have an Internet service provider and rely on campus facilities to access the Internet.

Incorporating the resources available on the internet, including tutorials on the theory and use of NMR Spectroscopy, Infrared Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry, and the study of Crystalline Solids , will enhance our curricula by reinforcing lecture topics, upgrading existing experiments, and allowing the introduction of new experiments. The students will also be able to engage in molecular modeling using the Spartan program and compare their results with their laboratory data. Additionally, greater access to computers on campus will allow for more efficient use of our FT-NMR which presently has only one data work-up station. The proposed networked computers are a mix of network ready PCs and Macs.

San Francisco voters recently approved Proposition A which will pay for the Science Building to be wired to the Internet, but does not provide any money for the purchase of computers. The addition of the networked computers will complement the recent purchases of an FT-IR instrument (ILI-IP grant DUE 95-51254), an FT-NMR instrument (ILI-IP grant DUE-95-51330) and the recent acquisition of a GC-MS instrument (ILI-IP grant DUE-97-51604) and will make significant contributions to the chemistry education at City College of San Francisco.