This project funded in part by grants from the National Science Foundation
NSF DUE-98-51317
NSF DUE-99-50320

With support from CCSF and the Technology, Learning, and Teaching Round Table.


Chemistry Learning And Support Studios

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Pictures now...

more info later.

Chairs and Tables
came first.

Dr. A. Lee and Dr. R. Fong unpack the first box.

Powering up the workstations.

A small NT server "manages" the classroom.

Spaghetti or Spider Web? 24 port 10/100 Base T hub.

Wire management panels keep the cables off the floor (mostly).


The chemistry workstations were operational at the end of the Fall 1998 Semester.

17" displays.

Windows NT 4.0

Windows NT Server 4.0

Tables in the center of the class for collaborative work.



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As we "surf..."

Think Different!

Dr. L Fong taking a "test drive!"

Blue and White for the centerpiece.

LIME! Yum.

For the do it yourself types...

Recently completed ! ;-)

Fall 1999.

Will eventually have the ANAT software installed to control and instruct.

Future G4 server to help manage the stations.


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Photo NOT yet available. ;-)