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Dr Su's Hybrid Chemistry 40, Spring 2011

Dr Su's Tel. # 415-452-5647

Office: Science 251


The REQUIRED lab session is on _________; in Science _____.

Attendance of the the first laboratory meeting is MANDATORY. If you miss this session, you WILL lose your spot in the course.

This is an ONLINE course with an associated "face-to-face" laboratory. There are no "face-to-face" lectures or conference hours. You will have weekly reading assignments (textbook), homework (text, lab and online) and interactions "online" using the CCSF Insight course system.


This course is more challenging, for many students, than a "face-to-face" Chem 40 section. If you are not sure if this course is for you, take the online course survey or email Dr Su.

Required Textbooks: Basic Chemistry by Zumdahl ( 6th Edition) & CCSF Chemistry 40 Laboratory Manual.
{Study/Student guides are optional}

Other required items: Hard bound laboratory notebook, Safety goggles or safety glasses, a scientific calculator.

Tentative Spring 2011 Readings and Lab Schedule.
( this is a pdf file; Get Adobe Acrobat Reader )

More information will be found in our CCSF Insight course.

An automated email be sent to when it opens.


Helpful Links !

10 ways to pass a chemistry EXAM (Just as I always say!)



The Quantum Atom at the Physics 2000 website (Emission, Absorption, Spectroscoy and Quantum Mechanics )

Need JAVA plugin for your browser.

Colors of light and Emission (Java Applet from UC Berkeley)

Colors of light and Absorption (Java Applet from UC Berkeley)



Animated Tutorials from CSU Fullerton

More Bonding tutorials (these are also found in the MCweb course)

C4 Molecular Library - Organized by Categories Cabrillo College
(near UCSC : Definitely get Netscape and CHIME)

More Molecules - Washington State Univ. (CHIME plugin required)

Molecular Modeling and Visualization

Chemical Structures - a short Tutorial at

Check out their animated VSEPR table



A.O. and M.O. dot animations

Chem class at MIT.

This is a java applet - very cool! Looks and works best on a Mac! =)

Gas Law Simulation - Ask Dr. Su for instructions and a worksheet. You can explore this activity in S205 or S261. JAVA plugin required for your browser.

Calibrated Peer Review (CPR) Login
With support from the MolSci Project at UCLA


Questions ? Send mail to

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