2010 2YC3

Two-Year College Chemistry Consortium Meeting

March 19th and 20th at CCSF

The chemistry department of the City College of San Francisco provides instruction in a wide range of chemistry-related fields. We serve students who intend to major in such diverse fields as biochemistry and biotechnology, engineering, medicine and health sciences, biology, and physics. We also offer specialized courses for working professionals, and courses designed specifically for non-science majors.




Department Chair: Dr. Michael Solow

Phone: (415) 239-3180

E-mail:  msolow@ccsf.edu

Office: Science 233

Mailbox: S-109


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                        STEM/MESA Center

2010 2YC3 Meeting, at CCSF


Chemistry Learning and Support Studios

Teaching Instrumentation

NIH Science Scholars Program

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