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Chemistry 40

Spring 2009

Introduction to Chemical Principles

Instructor: Torrey Glenn

Chemistry 40 is an introductory study of the fundamental laws and concepts of classical and modern chemistry, including quantitative reasoning and problem solving, nomenclature, the mole concept, stoichiometry, atomic and molecular structure, gases, solution chemistry and acid-base chemistry.The course is primarily designed to prepare students for college level General Chemistry (Chemistry 101A or 103A at City College).


On Campus Study Resources

Office Hours - Need help with homework? Need clarification on a lecture topic? Come to office hours!! (See side bar for day/time/location.)

Learning Assistance Center - Free drop-in tutoring!! Located on 2nd floor of the library. A chemistry tutoring schedule is posted near the chemistry store room.

MESA/STEM Center - The MESA/STEM Center, located in Bungalow 201, offers a casual study environment, free drop-in tutoring, mentoring and instructor office hours.


Online Study Resources

Study Guides and Strategies - Find great study skills advice!

Purplemath - Need help with algebra? Purplemath is a great algebra source.

Scientific Notation Drill

Sig Fig Drill

The General Chemistry Survival Manual - A series of notes for students in General Chemistry lecture classes at Pima Community College. If you would like more practice with Dimentional Analysis Problem Solving, take a look at the handout linked from this site. There are problems at the end of the handout and answers are provided as a separate document.

An Introduction to Chemistry, by Mark Bishop - The whole textbook is available as pdf files online! If you use the site regularly, the author asks that you pay $20 for the priviledge. It's on the honor system, so please be honorable. (You know how much textbooks cost! Having access like this is amazing... Pay your 20 bucks.)

Balancing Chemical Equations Tutorial - This is a Mark Bishop tutorial. There are tutorials on other topics that you may find helpful as well.



Other Links

WebElements Periodic Table

Dynamic Periodic Table of the Elements - The "properties" tab is particularly neat!

LabWrite - PreLab, InLab, PostLab guide to laboratory work.

Advice on Keeping a Lab Notebook - This is advice for a research laboratory notebook, though much of the advice still applies to a class notebook. Reading this certainly gives you a glimpse of the importance of the laboratory notebook.

The Research Notebooks of Linus Pauling - Linus Pauling, like any good scientist, recorded his data, observations and thoughts in great detail. Part of the Pauling Special Collection at the Oregon State University, these digitized notebooks are fascinating to read through. If you don't know anything about Linus Pauling, the Wikipedia article is a good place to start.

Powers of Ten - From the galaxies to quarks. Each successive image is smaller by a power of ten!

CNN - NASA: Loss of Mars orbiter

Tom Lehrer's Elements song and his New Math song. You've just gotta love him!

Dihydrogen Monoxide - Get informed about this potentially deadly covalent compound that you're exposed to every single day!

Brainiac View of the Alkali Metals - Explosions!! (i.e. demos we can't do in lecture) Apparently the last two of these were fake!! Shameful! To see a real demo follow the link below and read the description about cesium and rubidium.

A Chemist's View of the Alkali Metals - This was written in response to the shamefully faked Brainiac explosions. It is quite interesting to read the part about the cesium and rubidium explosions. Of course, there's no music or swagger...

Beginner's Guide to Polyatomic Ions

Always more to come...



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