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Chemistry 101A

Fall 2014

General College Chemistry

Lecture Instructor: Torrey Glenn



10/23/14- Happy Mole Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The answer keys to the extra credit problems and the quiz are now posted. And for those you who would like it, here is the link to the periodic table handout in color.

Course Information

Chem 101A Syllabus - General information about course structure and policies. This PDF also includes the homework policies handout from the first class meeting.

REVISED Chem 101A Schedule - A calendar showing the schedule of lecture and laboratory topics.

For more information on course prerequisites, please visit the department's Chem 101A prerequisite information page.

Topic Assignments

Topic assignment sheets will be posted online throughout the semester for each new lecture topic. Assignments list learning objectives for each lecture topic, assigned reading, recommended practice problems and required homework problems. Exams will focus on the learning objectives, reading, and problems provided in these assignments. You should print these topic assignment sheets out and use them to help organize your studying. Homework due dates will be announced in lecture.

Topic A    Assignment A    HW A Level 2 Answers and HW A Detailed Solutions

Topic B    Assignment B    HW B Level 2 Answers and HW B Detailed Solutions

Topic C    Assignment C    HW C Level 2 Answers and HW C Detailed Solutions

Topic D    Assignment D    HW D Level 2 Answers  and  HW D Detailed Solutions

A number of students have requested EXTRA practice problems for Topic D. Here is another set of problems for you! These are entirely optional and are provided only for those students who crave additional practice. The full solution key is also available.

Topic E    Assignment E     HW E Level 2 Answers and HW E Detailed Solutions

Topic F    Assignment F     HW F Level 2 Detailed Solutions  

Exam/Quiz Keys

Answer keys to quizzes and exams will be added throughout the semester.

Quiz 1 Key - Version A   and Version B

Exam 1 Key

Extra Credit - Topic D Problem and Topic E Problems

Quiz 2 Key

Practice Test Questions

Practice exams will be posted prior to each midterm.

Practice Questions for Exam 1

Practice Questions for Exam 2

Study Resources

A variety of free study resources exist both on campus and online. Click here for some suggestions.

Supplemental Instruction (SI): These optional group study sessions are lead by former Chem 101A students who work closely with the instructor in order to provide a weekly review session. These sessions are free and voluntary. You do not need to enroll in order to attend. There will be one session available. The session time is Thursdays 4:30-5:30 PM, room S-255. Your SI leader is Radhia Jamil. 

Chemistry C: This one unit class is an optional supplementary problem solving class. There are no exams, no homework assignments and the class is graded pass/no pass. There are two sections open (T 11:10-12:30 Glenn, F 10:30-12:00 Wong). Instructors are willing to approve course time conflicts, so just ask!

Learning Assistance Center (LAC): Free drop-in tutoring in the library. Here is the schedule.


Supplemental Handouts

Additional handouts will be added throughout the semester.

"What should I already know?" - The skills and knowledge you should already have when you enter Chem 101A. This is not an introductory class!

Elements and Ions (back page of the above) - You must know these common elements and ions. Knowledge of the names, formulas and charges will be assumed on all quizzes and exams.

Periodic table - This periodic table will be provided on all quizzes and exams.

Formula Sheet - This is the formula sheet that you will be provided on all quizzes and exams.

Topic A - Lecture example problems - Lecture handout

Topic B - Properties and Reactivity of Inorganic Compounds - Reading supplement, lecture handout.

Topic B - Writing Net Ionic Equations - Reading supplement, lecture handout

Topic B - Lecture example problems - Lecture handout

Topic C - Lecture example problems - Lecture handout

Topic C - Value Distributions of a Variable, Understanding Boltzmann Distributions - Lecture handout

Topic D - Thermochemistry Supplemental Reading - Lecture handout

Crash Course Chemistry - A series of YouTube videos on a variety of General Chemistry topics. These can be a fun way to get a quick review/overview of topics in this course. Warning: the Nerd Pride is strong with Hank Green. I stand in solidarity!


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