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Upcoming Volunteer/Extra Credit Events

Here are some volunteer events that are open for anyone interested in getting involved with local habitat restoration. Take advantage of a great opportunity to get outside, meet new people, and help out native species all at the same time!

For those of you who would like to receive extra credit for volunteering, please speak to your instructor. For those of you in Ecol 10: Introduction to Ecology (online)  or Bio 101A: General Biology, Crima offers extra credit for this activity

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GGNRA's Site Stewardship  CCSF program:
Workday at Mori Point NP
The Center has a long relationship with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.  Together, we offer seven workdays (six Saturdays, one Sunday)  per semester. Workdays are from 10am until 1pm. Carpools are offered for all GGNRA CCSF work events, except if easily accessible by bus. For all workdays, the pick up location is on Phelan Ave. at the bottom of the main steps of the Science Building. The carpool pick up time is at 9:15am for all work sites.

Upcoming dates for Fall 2014 will be posted here. 

Click here for Directions to GGNRA locations.

Other volunteer opportunities in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area:

"It's fun. It's healthy. It makes a difference. And it's easy to get started! We have a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups, including many that do not require training.

With 80,000 acres of park land, we need your help as we work towards our vision of Parks For All Forever.

Upcoming Opportunities & Events >>

Search the calendar and sign-up for volunteer opportunities and events in the Golden Gate National Parks."

Habitat restoration opportunities with San Francisco's Recreation and Parks department:

"Are you excited to volunteer in San Francisco’s more than 225 parks and recreation facilities? Volunteers like you contributed 147,367 hours this past fiscal year – representing an invaluable contribution to our city in efforts as diverse as planting trees in Golden Gate Park, teaching Zumba at a local Rec Center, or painting faces at special events. Find opportunities in every corner of the city that are as diverse as your interests, skills, and abilities. Our volunteers include individuals and school, community, business, and international groups."  

Here is a list of volunteering opportunities.

The Ecocenter at Heron's Head Park

HHP interns 2014

Photo: P. Lopipero-Langmo

"The EcoCenter at Heron's Head Park is a landmark environmental education center in San Francisco dedicated to environmental justice and teaching about sustainability in the built environment. The center features: an off-grid solar array, an on-site wastewater treatment system with a constructed wetland; 15K gallons of rainwater storage; vegetative roof; reused and recycled building materials, and an array of sustainable landscape and land management solutions."

Join volunteers every second Saturday from 9-12.  Contact Peggy
Lopipero-Langmo for more information.  The Ecocenter also offers internships through Sust 91.

Bird monitoring at Heron's Head Park - Honors Project for Ecol 10

Students participating in this project meet five times through out the semester and together collect valuable data on this urban marshland.

Project Overview

Directions to Herons Head Park and India Basin.

Honors Credit for Ecol 10.

View photos from previous years.

View a sample of birds seen at Heron's Head Park or link to the booklet "A Field Guide to the 100 Birds of Heron's Head Park" (edited by a former CHR intern!)

Native Gardens at CCSF

kaya and lawrence

Above: CHR interns Lawrence Fernandez
and Kaya McMillan

Right: Elise Morrison, Kaya MacMillan,
Lawrence Fernandez and Mitchell MacCartney

Photos by Sara Bloomberg

In the Fall of 2010, we started designing and planting our new native plant garden.  We usually work in the garden 4-5 times during a semester, depending on time availability of interested students.  Contact Crima if you are interested.If you are interested in the history of the garden, a student project, read the Fall 2010 newsletter! And here are some photos from our first planting, from the groundbreaking ceremony on January 18, 2011 and a video from that same date from our ELSEE partner.