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Intern with Golden Gaten National Parks Conservancy!

Video by Sue Gardner, GGNPC

In collaboration with San Francisco State University and City College of San Francisco, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (GGNPC) offers up to 35 internship opportunities every Spring semester.  Interns are paid a stipend of 50 $/day and work between 20 and 30 hours.  If supervisors and interns are happy, internships can be extended full-time through the Summer. Students taking at least three units in the Biology department can apply for academic credit for up to four units through Bio 92.  Contact Crima for more information and expect job announcments in September.

Opportunites are not restricted to ecology and habitat restoration, but extend to marketing, graphic design, recreation, tourism, computer sciences, and hospitality (probably forgot some - check out the announcement coming in September). GGNPC offers a wide variety of internal trainings and workshops, including advice on how to apply for federal jobs. Please watch the short video above and  read accounts from previous interns below.

Patrick Mullins - Spring 2014, Alcatraz
Candace Makowski - Spring 2014, Natural Resources
Nichole Davis - Spring 2014 - Fort Funston and Oceana Native Plant Nurseries
Liam O'Malley - Spring 2014 - Marin County Trails
Vincent Damico - Spring 2014 - Muir Woods
Abigail Edwards - Spring 2014 - Volunteer leader