Request For

MABS 60 or MABS 101 Mentoring

Print this form and fill it out LEGIBLY.
Please give this form to a tutor in the
Business Computing Lab, Ocean Campus Cloud 111.

(Check the sign outside the door for hours that tutors are on duty.)

First and Last Name:
Phone Number:
Email address:
Class you are taking for which you would like mentoring (circle one):

MABS 60                    MABS 101

Days and Times class meets:
I would like help with the following (check all that apply):

   ___Understanding homework

   ___Learning study skills

   ___Understanding how computers work

   ___Building confidence

   ___Got behind, needing to catch up

   ___Managing my files

   ___Getting motivated

Mentor to fill in the following with the applicant:

Times student is available for mentoring when a tutor is on duty:




Mentor will turn in this form to Jennifer Biehn once mentoring has begun.