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Biotech Certification
II. Biotechnician Certificate

Second Year

CCSF's biotech program provides all the classroom and hands-on laboratory training needed for entry-level employment.

The biotechnology certificate program is designed to prepare students to work at a biotech company as a technician in quality control, research and development, or biomanufacturing. The biotechnology certificate is designed for students that have earned the biomanufacturing certificate or have a strong grasp of algebra, biology, and chemistry from previous academic or work experience. Call the Biotechnology Hotline at (415) 239-3627 for more information.


The following courses (or the equivalent) are strongly recommended:

  • One semester of elementary algebra (MATH 840) or (ET 108A) or completion of a higher level math class
  • Two semesters of chemistry (CHEM 32, 40)
  • One semester of biology (BIO 11)

Required Courses

Student must complete the following courses with a grade of C or better.

Course   Units
BTEC 115 Recombinant DNA Biotechnology
BTEC 120 Molecular and Cell Biotechnology
Total Units

Recommended Courses

The following courses are recommended but not required.

M B 12 Introduction to Microbiology
BIO 91 Biology Work Experience
CHEM 65A Introduction to GC-MS
CHEM 65B Introduction to HPLC
CHEM 65C Introduction to Capillary Electrophoresis
CHEM 65D Introduction to AA Spectroscopy
BTEC 21A Mammalian Cell Culture
BTEC 22 Immunoassay
BTEC 24 Introduction to PCR