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Biotech Certification
III. Stem Cell Research Certificate

Additional Semester

The stem cell technology certificate program is designed to prepare students to work at a biotech company or an academic research lab as a technician in mammalian cell culture or adult and embryonic stem cell culture. The stem cell technology certificate is designed for students that have earned the biomanufacturing or biotechnology certificate or have a strong grasp of algebra, biology, and chemistry from precious academic or work experience.


The following courses (or the equivalent) are strongly recommended:

Required Courses

Student must complete the following courses with a grade of C or better.

Course   Units
BTEC 21A Mammalian Cell Culture 2
BTEC 21B Fluorescent Cell Technology 2
BTEC 21C Stem Cell Technology 3
Total Units

Recommended Courses

The following courses are recommended but not required.

M B 12 Introduction to Microbiology
GEN 10 Heredity and Evolution
GEN 11 Genetics Laboratory
BIO 91 Biology Work Experience
BTEC 22 Immunoassay
BTEC 23 Western Blotting Techniques
BTEC 24 Introduction to PCR
BTEC 25 Analytical PCR Technology