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Biomanufacturing Certificate Programs


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Biomanufacturing Certificate


One year

The biomanufacturing certificate program provides students with the fundamentals of biology and chemistry required to study biotechnology along with the essentials laboratory skills needed to get a job in biomanufacturing.

The biomanufacturing certificate will prepare students for entry-level positions working as bio-process technicians, media prep technicians, pharmaceutical materials specialists, or pharmaceutical manufacturing technicians.


Required Courses

Students must complete the following coursework with a grade of C or better:

Generally, students starting their biotech training will take the following 20-unit course load along with some of the recommended classes below.

Course   Units

ET 108B

Practical Math II


BIO 11

Introduction to the Science of Living Organisms

CHEM 32 Intro to Medical Chemistry 4
CHEM 33 Advanced Medical Chemistry and Biotechnology 4
BTEC 101 Industrial Biotechnology 5
Total Units


Recommended Courses

The following courses are recommended but not required.

GEN 10 Heredity and Evolution
M B 12 Introduction to Microbiology
BTEC 5 Breifings in Biotechnology
BTEC 12A GLP and GMP Principles
BTEC 12B GMP Compliance
BTEC 21A Mammalian Cell Culture