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Biotech Certification

The biotech certification programs provide all the classroom and hands-on laboratory training needed for entry-level employment in the areas of manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance, and research and development.

Biomanufacturing Certificate
First Year

The biomanufacturing certificate program provides students with the fundamentals of biology and chemistry required to study biotechnology along with the essentials laboratory skills needed to get a job in biomanufacturing.

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Biotechnician Certificate
Second Year
The biotechnology certificate program is designed to prepare students to work at a biotech company as a technician in quality control, research and development, or biomanufacturing.

Stem Cell Research Certificate
Additional Semester
The stem cell technology certificate is designed for students that have earned the biomanufacturing or biotechnology certificate or have a strong grasp of algebra, biology, and chemistry from previous academic or work experience.