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What is the Basic Skills Initiative (BSI)?

The BSI is a collaboration among the statewide Academic Senate, the State Chancellor's Office, the leadership of various community college chief officers' associations, and the RP Group's Center for Student Success. The Initiative is designed to improve student success by focusing on effective practices in basic skills, both within the programs and services that directly address developmental education and across the entire college curriculum that serves students with diverse academic preparation and skills.
Links:State Academic Senate: http://www.asccc.org/Events/BSI.htm
Basic Skills Initiative Home Page: http://www.cccbsi.org
Basic Skills Initiative Effective Practices: http://www.cccbsi.org/effective-practices
Summary of Literature Review:  PDF    MS Word

How Do I Get Involved?

During the Fall 2008 semester, the Implementation Plan for the Basic Skills Initiative will be reviewed through CCSF's shared governance processes. As individual elements of the plan are approved by appropriate shared governance processes, individual projects articulated in the implementation plan will be started. Calls for participation in projects will be publicized through the various college-wide communication tools (City Currents, emails, etc.). Updates will be periodically posted on this website.

The Basic Skills Subcommittee will be working with the shared governance processes and periodic reports on the progress will be incorporated into that committee's agendas. Specific questions can be addressed to Mary Bravewoman, Basic Skills Subcommittee Co-chair or Bruce Smith, Dean of Liberal Arts. For information about specific consideration in the shared governance process, please consult with the chair of the appropriate committees.


Links: Bay Area BSI Network.
BSI Coordinators Announcement:    PDF    MS Word
BSI Implementation Plan Review:    PDF    MS Word
BSI Work Group Proposals:    PDF    MS Word
Basic Skills Coordinating Committee:    PDF    MS Word
Inventory of CCSF Practices:    PDF    MS Word
BSI Assessment Tool:    PDF    MS Word
Adding Item to Inventory: MS Word
BSI Preliminary Inventory Summary: PDF    MS Word
BSI Work Groups: MS Word
Effective Practices Ranked by Steering Task Force:  PDF    Excel
Steering Task Force Preliminary Assessment: PDF    MS Word
Basic Skill Subcommittee Recommendation: PDF    MS Word


Campus mail:Creative Arts A301
Contacts: Mary Bravewoman, Co-Chair Basic Skills Subcommittee., 239-3362, L103, mbravewo@ccsf.edu
Bruce Smith, Dean, Liberal Arts, 239-3127, A301, bsmith@ccsf.edu
Hal Huntsman, President, Academic Senate, 239-3611, E202, shuntsma@ccsf.edu
Alice Murillo, Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs, 239-3321 C308, amurillo@ccsf.edu