2013- 2014 Exhibitions

Shenny Cruces

Goran Konjevod and John Whitehead

alternative process: curated by claire brees
Artists: Sohyung Choi, David D’andrade, Liz Hickok, Alex Jackson, Laura Plageman, Frances Valesco, Jon Wessel, and Amy Wilson Faville

2012- 2013 Exhibitions

Jos Sances: Developing Narratives

Chris Johanson, Barry McGee, and Laurie Reid(Almost) Free
Celebrating Old Days and Hoping for New Times at CCSF

Fred Kling and Frances Valesco

Analog: Illustration Alumni Show

Related Histories: Diego and Frida in San Francisco

Jessamyn Lovell: Catastrophe, Crisis, and Other Family Traditions

Rodger Jacobson, Kay Russell, & Helen Stanley: Retrospective/ Introspective

City College of San Francisco Metal Arts Alumni: Making It

Annual Student Juried Exhibition, Juror: John Wehrle

2010- 2011 Exhibitions

John Wehrle: Public Works

James Groleau:
Blood Bone Elegy & The Absence of Passion

Faculty Exhibition and Silent Auction

Priya Kambli: Color Falls Down
Aaron Fine: First Words

Biennial Juried Ceramic Student Exhibition

Annual Student Juried Exhibition

John McCormick: Landscapes and Portraits

Van Kleef Book Club

Faculty Exhibition and Silent Auction

2009- 2010 Exhibitions

Faculty Exhibition and Silent Auction

Pap Art: An Atypical Exhibition
Artists: Lisa Alembik, Nancy Mizuno Elliott, Katy Krantz, Stephanie Liner, Constance Maher, Laurel Nathanson, and Bianca Kolonusz-Partee

Annual Student Juried Exhibition 2010

Oliverio Quezada and Don Santos: Dos Amigo Chinos

Elsa Marley: Blue Ice - Greenland Summer 2009

Inclusions: Four Painters
Monique Castiaux, Aliona Kazakova, Summer Shannon,
and Alex Styrsky

2008- 2009 Exhibitions

Faculty Collects & Art Auction

School’s Out:
Lick Wilmerding High School Art Faculty

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition 2009

Kay Russell
: Rain and Reflection

Diane Stevens: The Italian Walls

The CCSF Art Club
Kay Coats, Susan Black, Susan Kitazawa, Dana Fong, Connie
Jeffers, Laurie Ransom, Ekatrina Levina, Barbara Van Buren, Nining Muir, Tanya Goodman, Wallace Bastein, Denyse Olsen, Simone Guimaraes, Lisa Nagel, Noelan Hinshaw, Murai, and Kasia Kranopolska

2007- 2008 Exhibitions

Guy Colwell

Nancy Boy:
Bren Ahearn, Brian Gangelhoff, David Hevel, Curtis Jones, Francis McIlveen, Andrew Phares, and Shawn Smith.

City Women of Plein Air:
Carole Brehm, Kay Coats, Anne Ingraham, Cissy Lee,
and Jean Sieper.

The Annual Faculty Art Exhibition & Art Auction

Biennial Juried Ceramic Student Exhibition

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition 2008

2006- 2007 Exhibitions

CCSF Alumni Exhibition:
Natalia Gomez, Jose Angel Hernandez, Andre Stafford

Elizabeth E. Leger and Deirdre White: Drawings and Paintings

CCSF Art Club:
Drawings, paintings and photographs

Veils and Lamentations:
Drawings and Paintings by Dawn Black and Heidi Neff

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition 2007

2004- 2005 Exhibitions

Fernando Reyes, The Nude and Nature:
paintings, and prints

Mixed Media Sculpture, Paintings & Drawings:
Robert Haemmerling, Glenn Hirsch, Pamela Lanza

The work of Mark Roller. Mixed media sculpture:
A serial portrait of Colette Crutcher

The Annual Faculty Art Exhibition & Art Auction

2003- 2004 Exhibitions

A Show of Gratitude: Talent Behind the Scenes of
California Society of Printmakers

Georgia Storti, Carman Wolf, and Jan Richter,

James Torlakson - Photorealism

Pauline Crowther Scott, Sharon Virtue and Karen Wenger

The Annual Faculty Art Exhibition & Art Auction

2002-2003 Exhibitions

Trillium Press Exhibition

Rock Poster Society

A Selection of Original Works from the Will Stone Collection
of the Fantastic and Surreal

Bad Brains and Bad Beetles: Artworks by Nancy Mizuno Elliott
and Robert Horning

Art Faculty Show & Silent Auction

War Show

Lee Hastings: Plein Air Paintings

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition 2003

2001-2002 Exhibitions

Ink Expressions: Modern Chinese Art, Elsa Marley & Ming Ren

New Works by Alumni Artists

Opus Copious: Tron Bykle

Elder Arts Celebration

The Annual Faculty Art Exhibition & Art Auction

Biennial Juried Ceramic Student Exhibition

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition 2002

    Anna Asebedo
    Suzanne Pugh "Torpedos"
    Stephanie Liner
    Priya Kambli "Dada Aajooba and Muma"
    Ceramic Student Exhibition
    Inna Razumova "Metagarden Relics"
    James Groleau "Kirkuk"
    Li Ma, “Alice in Wonderland"
    Barry McGee, Berkeley Art Museum installation
    Frances Valesco
    Chris Johanson, Deitch Project installation
    Fred Kling
    Shenny Cruces
    Alex Jackson, "Untitled"