Degrees and Certificates

The curriculum in Interior design, a two-year interdepartmental course of study, has strong emphasis on both architecture and art in the second, third, and fourth semesters. A special feature of this curriculum is that students, in accordance with their particular interests, may choose either the Option in Architecture or the Option in Art in their first semester.
Enrollment is open to all interested students. However, students are required to satisfy prerequisites before they are admitted to certain courses.

The course of study includes instruction in the following: architecture--orthographic projection, descriptive geometry, perspective, and shades and shadows; two-dimensional basic design; delineation and rendering; materials of construction; freehand drawing; professional practice/interior design; legal aspects of contracting; architectural technology (drafting); art history; art--basic design; basic drawing; structural analysis and design; art orientation; and graphic design.

The course of study is designed so that students may satisfy the requirements for graduation from the College. Students who satisfy these requirements and complete the curriculum with an average final grade of C (2.00 grade-point average) or higher receive the Associate in Science degree in Interior Design.

Entry positions for which graduates who have received the degree of Associate may qualify for employment positions that may include those of draftsman; delineator; salesperson; furniture designer; and assistant in coordination of colors, fabric, furniture, lighting systems, and exhibits.