Emergency Medical Responder

Emergency Medical Responder
Definition: first person on accident scene
 the first person, e.g. an emergency medical technician or a police officer, who arrives at the scene of a disaster, accident, or life-threatening medical situation. The Emergency Medical responder's duties include providing medical assistance and calling other emergency caregivers to the scene.

Who are Emergency Medical Responders


police officers


truck drivers

industrial workers

community volunteers

What are the responsibilities of EMR’s

Patient Assessment

Primary & Secondary Surveys

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation & use of Heart Defibrillators (A.E.D.)

Bleeding Control

Conscious & Unconscious choking control

Stabilization of Injuries to the Spine & Extremities

Care for both Medical & Trauma related injuries

Assisting other Emergency Medical Service Workers

Dealing with Limited Availability of Equipment

Learning to improvise

Current National requirements for Emergency Medical Responder as specified by the United States Department of Transportation -
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
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California EMS Authority web site

San Francisco EMS Agency-EMT Certification

Testing Web site: http://insight.ccsf.edu

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