Mission Campus
1125 Valencia Street • San Francisco, CA 94110

City College of San Francisco’s (CCSF) Mission Campus has met the community’s needs since 1971, today offering more than 300 day, evening, and weekend classes each year. In Fall 2007, the new Mission Campus will celebrate the completion of a two-year renovation and expansion—fulfilling a community’s dream.

This permanent home for the Mission Campus will serve as a beacon of opportunity and achievement for all who pass by. The state-of-the-art campus will include an expanded existing campus and a new four-story facility. At the crossroads of Bartlett, Valencia, and 22 Streets, the community’s highest values of education, dialog, and diversity will infuse four floors of modern classrooms, computer labs, an auditorium, multi-purpose rooms available to the community, a child care center, and full support services.

Mission Valencia
Valencia Street View

...for students [top]

As a student seeking the resources to realize educational and professional dreams, you will find your learning home among a family of teachers, peers, counselors, and neighbors. Strong language skills, citizenship, vocational training, or an AA degree to transfer to a four-year institution are all within your reach. With the highest quality, most affordable, and convenient programs, you can design the life you have always imagined.

...for San Francisco [top]

As a San Francisco resident, you know what this new modern facility means to a historic community thriving with businesses, entrepreneurial start-ups, non-profit organizations, family life, art, and culture. What is good now will become even better and continue to feed the economy and improve San Francisco’s quality of life.

... for donors [top]

For every dollar invested in the Mission Campus, you will not only change lives but also strengthen the economy and improve the quality of public life. Through the Mission Campus’ programs and services, thousands of skilled professionals will enter the local workforce, bringing new skills, educational credentials, and personal leadership essential to our city’s future. Your contribution will help equip this extraordinary building and support its programs, in turn helping more than 8,000 people succeed every year.

Mission Courtyard
Mission Courtyard View

City College of San Francisco’s new Mission Campus was envisioned by the people who live, work, and raise families here. From a central location, the facility serves its unique community of immigrants, traditional students, older adults, working professionals, and high school students with their diverse and complex needs. The Mission Campus community has created a lasting plan to bring immediate opportunities and a permanent pathway to personal success for thousands of people every year.

Students [top]

Of the over 8,000 students enrolled at the Mission Campus, 68% identify as Hispanic/Latino. Students from a variety of backgrounds seek and receive support through academic, vocational, and service programs that help them on their journey to higher education, employment, career advancement, and life-long learning.


General Education: Established as Colegio de la Mission in 1974, local residents will continue to have access to college-level general education courses at the new campus. [top]

Working Adults Degree Program (WADP): Each year, WADP serves approximately 125 students, of which 95% are women and 60% Latino/a. The program provides an accelerated path to an associate degree or transfer to a four-year institution for working professionals balancing careers, families, and academic studies.[top]

Career & Vocational Training: The Mission Campus prepares students for the fields of biotechnology, broadcast electronic media arts, child development, and graphic communications, responding to market demands and the community’s ongoing needs. [top]

ESL and Literacy: Students can enroll in more than 80 ESL classes, the Spanish Literacy Program, citizenship classes, and take the citizenship test seven days a week. [top]

Transitional Studies/Adult Basic Education: Each year, the Mission Campus helps 500 students complete their General Education Diploma (GED), increasing their earning capacity and opening pathways for future education. [top]

Older Adults: The Older Adults Program offers more than 80 classes at over 40 city locations for people age 55 and above in the areas of computer training, legal services, health, fitness, fine arts, and the humanities. [top]

Partners: Rooted in the community, the Campus celebrates long alliances with prominent organizations, such as the Mission Hiring Hall, San Francisco Unified School District, and many direct service providers devoted to the neighborhood’s continued success.

Support Services: The new facility will be a full-service campus with its own onsite admissions, assessment, financial aid, tutoring, mentoring, and academic and career counseling staff—all of these core services will foster greater opportunity for everyone. [top]




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