City College of San Francisco

Make Your Dreams Come True
Do you dream about achieving a college degree,
but have postponed realizing that dream because
you have a demanding full-time job, children to raise, or a busy personal life?

Having been in the real world, you know that employees with degrees have an edge in finding better-paying career positions and succeeding in them and you want to be one of those employees. Then this program is right for you!

City College Has Designed A Degree
Program Just For You
City College of San Francisco has wonderful news for working adults who wish to obtain their college degree as quickly as possible. The Working Adults Degree Program has proven to be a real winner since its inception in the Fall of 1999 at the Mission and Southeast campuses. It is structured so that
students can get their A.A. in the shortest possible
time. Courses are chosen that will also transfer to
a 4-year institution and apply to a B.A. or B.S. degree.

Every effort is made to meet the needs of the students enrolled in this program. The classes are offered at convenient times for working adults (evenings and Saturday mornings). There is an advisor specifically for this program, a computer lab with programs designed to help students increase their English and Math skills, priority registration, and the benefit of attending classes in a smaller setting.

College Degree At An Affordable Price
As a working adult, you make daily decisions based on getting the biggest bang for your buck. The cost of attending City College is just $20 per unit plus an $11 per semester health fee. For example, if you enroll in three courses (nine units) during a fall or spring semester, your total of tuition and fees would be $191. Moreover, financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Enrollment Made Easy
City College makes it easy for a working adult to
realize her/his dream of attaining a college degree.
Students in this program have "priority registration". It means that you have the best opportunity to enroll in the courses of your first choice. If you think that you are up to the challenge, City College invites you to apply (refer to our Contact page on where to call or email for information).