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Thank you for your interest in the WADP. Unfortunately we are not available during the summer. The last date for receipt of forms was June 15 for Fall 2011 priority registration. However, you can still register for Fall 2011 by completing the steps below and registering for classes on the date assigned to you by email. Please call 920-6010 after August 17 to make an appointment during the Fall semester and develop your WADP educational plan for Spring 2012

Enrollment and Registration:
  • Step 1:
    Complete the on-line credit Application at

    When your application is processed you will receive your registration appointment date. If you would like to be registered on an earlier date make sure you complete the attached and return to me before June 14.

  • Step 2:
    Take a Placement Test.

    *You can see the testing schedule at You may also obtain a copy of the testing schedule from the Office of Admissions & Records (Conlan Hall 107) or the Testing Office (Conlan Hall 203).

  • Step 3:
    Attend an Orientation to CCSF.

    You can do this online at, or in person. For the schedule of in-person orientation sessions, go to

  • Step 4:
    Meet with a counselor to select classes for Fall 2011.

    To schedule an appointment with me call (415) 920-6010 after August 17 (Office hours; Tues, Wed & Thurs). Before August 17, you can meet with a counselor at Phelan Campus 239-3068 to select classes.

    • All administrative and/or academic HOLDS that prevent enrollment must be cleared prior to registration.

    [The registration system does not allow time conflicts, multiple registrations in the same course, enrolling in a course without fulfilling the prerequisite, multiple unauthorized repeats, exceeding the maximum number of units (17 semester units.)]

  • Step 5:
    Apply for Financial Aid, click on “Student Services & Financial Aid” on CCSF home page. If you are denied Financial Aid for any reason, please bring any paperwork you receive to a Financial Aid Counselor in Room 110 Mission Campus, or Room 324, Cloud Hall at the Phelan Campus.

    If you do not qualify for Financial Aid, pay your fees online (before mid-term break) with Visa/Master card or Checking/Savings Accounts. Pay in person with cash, check, Money Order, Visa/Master/ATM cards.

    Additional information:

    For guidance in class choices, you can enter Associate Degree Requirements in the Search window at and it will tell you the general education requirements you need. If you're interested in transferring, you can also look up Transfer requirements in the Search window.

    Kate Ryan, M.A., N.C.C.
    Assistant to the Dean, 
    Room 463, Mission Campus,
    City College of San Francisco, 
    1125 Valencia Street, 
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    Office Hours; Tues, Wed, Thurs;  10:00am-3:30pm